Skip Manufacturers based in the South West


At STAC, we specialise in skip manufacture & the production of all types of hook lift metal storage containers for the safe transportation of waste & recycling.

About STAC

Quality & Standards

Our History

Our mission

STAC as company, prides itself on producing high quality products that have evolved with feedback from our customers and coupled with the latest fabrication techniques.


We have recently opened our purpose built roll on/off factory, equipped with a custom made assembly line, spray booth and the latest welding technology to keep up with the demand for our heavy duty roll on/off containers, which have a reputation for being 'robust & built to last' in the demanding recycling industry.


With the ever increasing growth in the recycling industry, STAC has expanded our southwest based manufacturing plants, to keep up with demand.


Our reputation

Our reputation has been built on producing high quality, robust products built to withstand the challenging conditions of the industry.

Our in-house quality control systems ensure that each container is finished to maximum standard you would expect from a STAC container.

This is achieved by using BS EN S275 British steel, tested components parts, high zinc phosphate content for anti corrosive protection primer and QD enamel top coat in a range of colours including BS4800 and RAL.

Each container carries a unique welded on identification number for traceability.

Our aim is to provide quality STAC products for the waste and recycling industry that are environmentally friendly for future generations.


How we have grown

Skip Tank And Containers is part of the ALLINS Group. A family run company based in the South West, which has a proud history in engineering and steel fabrication for over 60 years, from its roots manufacturing agricultural equipment and industrial fabrication to the diversification into the waste and recycling industry.


STAC has been manufacturing containers for over 25 years since it was first formed and has grown steadily to meet the demands of our ever growing customer base.


With a reputation for high quality manufacturing and innovation, STAC is now one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Our satisfied clients

STAC specialize in skip manufacture and the production of all types of Hook lift metal storage containers for the safe transportation of waste & recycling.